"Mummy had a Baby"
Angyra, 2003
Illustration: Eliza Vavouri
ISBN: 960-234-989-1

Marios was worried as long as his mummy was pregnant. When she gave birth to a little girl, the situation got worse. Marios didn't even want to see his new baby sister. How did his parents eventually get him to love her?

"...It is with a beautiful dose of humour that the author helps children deal with the arrival of their new brother or sister into their family."
Diadromes Magazine, Issue 13, 2004

"...This is a beautiful story that treats the subject of jealousy that may come about in children upon the birth of a new baby.
With skill, the author helps her young readers deal with all their -all too natural-feelings which arise when they realise that they are no longer the only child in the family!!!

Finally, through the text, young readers will encounter new words that are repeated often and are vividly and differently highlighted. In this way the text can be used in writing and reading activities by the school teacher in the class."

Sinchrono Nipiagogio Magazine, July 2003


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