"The Hill of Delicious Goodies"
Patakis, 2000
Illustration: Diatsenta Parisi
ISBN: 960-16-0039-6

When the sea gulls realised that there weren't enough fish in the sea anymore, they decided to go on a search for food on the Hill of Delicious Goodies. What is this Hill of Goodies though, and why did the sea gulls return to the ocean?

Pelagia, a beautiful jellyfish falls in love with an ugly black fish named Epinephelos. Pelagia's friends and family try to hinder her and Epinephelos's wedding, that is - of course - until a sudden event ruffles the deep and Epinephelos takes matters into his own hands.

"Two extended stories make up this renowned author's latest book. They are interesting and filled with the justifiable - for every thinking person - concerns regarding the dangers that threaten our planet, our home. "The Hill with the Delicious Goodies" is a rubbish dump. That is where the sea gulls find their food since the oceans are growing emptier and emptier and thus incapable of feeding them. There, at the rubbish dump, they find so much food that they end up forgetting the waves, the breeze, the rocks and.flying.

In the second story, two jellyfish fall in love. Delicate Pelagia and a stranger, a small black fish.The book is filled with information regarding the pollution of the seas. It lovingly stands by the love growing between two very different creatures.

Diatsenta Parisi's illustrations are very beautiful and expressive."

Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 21/12/2001


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