"The Circus and the Dwarf"
Patakis, 1995
Illustration: Vasso Psaraki
ISBN: 960-360-287-6

Little Loukia visits the circus and is enchanted by the acrobats, the clowns, the magicians, and the wild animal tamers. While there, she will meet Goliath the Dwarf and come to realise the horrifying truth behind the circus animals' lives and the fact that they live in captivity, deprived of their freedom. From there on Loukia's waking dream is of a world in which animals live free of cages, fear and sorrow.

"This is a cheerful story: it is simple on the surface and poignant deep within. It is exactly like the facade of a circus and the drama experienced by the animals that are forced to live within it. This is a beautiful book that asks ecological questions of importance. It creates the appropriate conditions in which people may be awaked from their apathetic slumber. And about the illustration? Well it is just as important to the book and it helps in bringing the message across in the best way."
Yiannis Papadatos
Diavazo Magazine, April 1995

"Litsa Psarafti's book, written in a lively, descriptive and eloquent style, is a small battle in the war for each living creature's right to live in her/his own world. Filled with movement and continuous strokes of colour - as is fitting in the world of art - it can move children and help turn them towards that love which is not only a game, an enjoyment, and a pleasure. But most of all, this book is about participation and respect, devotion, responsibility and maybe even pain, a pain that beautifies and cleanses the soul."
Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 5/4/1996

"The author is well-known for her novels that are based on important global current events. Now, and for the first time, she presents us with a book that is aimed at young readers while at the same time retaining the sharpness of the narrative which she has used up until today as well as the simplicity with which she always approaches her subjects.

Little Loukia will visit the circus which has come to her neighbourhood. It is a world of magic and fun. But what if a tragedy lies hidden behind all those colours and musical melodies? Goliath the Dwarf - one of the circus attractions - will discern doubt in Loukia's eyes and he will show his new little friend around the world hiding behind the window dressing. Captivity, deprivation of freedom, maltreatment, degradation - Loukia will find out all about the truth.

Along with Loukia, the readers of this story found out all about the truth in a realistic way that is capable of informing the reader of something tragic without, however, hurting its recipient. At the same time, the novel strengthens ones reactions against any form of injustice.

This exquisitely written text has the fortune of being accompanied by Vasso Psaraki's illustrations."

Avgi Newspaper, 3/09/1995


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