"The Last Heroes"
Patakis, 1991
Illustration: Yiannis Lekkos
ISBN: 960-293-689-4

A magical arrow is endowed with speech and thus tells.
How the world came about...
Why the rainbow climbed up into the sky...
Where beauty's island is to be found...
This is a book written with tenderness and sensitivity and tells of the beliefs, way of life and virtues of the American Indians as well as their accomplishments and their struggles for freedom and survival.

"The author - known for her tireless contribution to children's literature and the child in general - gathers with utter reverence and then brings to life, through her short lyrical text, the myths, symbols and most significant events in the history of this sublime people.
Her narrative possesses originality: it is a trove wherein lies the invisible presence of the sad, ancient Indian patriot, who alone undertook to travel through the ages, telling of his tribe's misfortunes and, at the same time, making known to our impoverished vision, fragments of their beautiful legends filled with wisdom and kindness.
Additionally, the younger as well as the older reader of the book will almost immediately be able to feel the warmth that radiates from its pages and its poetic disposition; he will be able to enjoy the wealth of expressions, the beauty of the images; he will be moved by the author's honesty and her resolution to denounce - to an unsuspecting audience - the extermination of entire tribes, their humiliation, their abasement, and their orphaning. This is a denouncement which in our day acquires even more significance since, unfortunate as it may be, we all live and experience the tragedies of other peoples.

Nothing could be more evident - this is Litsa Psaraftis' best and most human work of all. The feelings that it emits as well as its clarity are enough to define the recreation of the sublime and almost unknown Indian myths and legends, as a small, agonising and precious hearth of resistance."

Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 29/04/1992

"Litsa Psarafti's latest book, "The Last Heroes", has been written by an experienced hand. Its narrative possesses - with ease-the use of refined Modern Greek language. It reveals an assimilated-in-depth and not superficial-knowledge of the practices, beliefs and traditions as well as the character of the North American Indian people. It brings to life these people's achievements, their heroic struggles for freedom, dignity and survival. Its style is captivating, charming, exciting. Everything begins from the heart and the mind and ends again where it all began. It is this that can waken us from the lethargy of our emotional virtues, from our minds numbed by the seduction of passive entertainment of electronic sirens (televisions) and which can unite us with the perpetual virtues that are the only things that can and must lead man away from the materialistic plague of our times and out into the light of the beautiful and only true world: that of values."
Proinos Logos Newspaper, 9/10/1992


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