"The Dragon who ate the Sun"
Patakis, 1991
Illustration: Eliza Vavouri
ISBN: 960-293-689-4

What will happen on earth when the dragon eats the sun? Why did the seven girls want to climb up into the sky and become stars? For whom did the moon - obviously in love - build a crystal palace? These stories about the sky teach children many truths in the most magical of ways.

"Yet another well-written book for young children that has been born from the mind, spirit and soul of Litsa Psarafti.
Using her magnificent writing, lyricism, clarity and emotion as a vehicle, the author shares three wonderful, magical and genuinely exciting stories with her readers."

Rizospastis Newspaper, 22/5/2005

"...three stories about the sky, that will fascinate readers both young and old, make up Litsa Psarafti's most recent book.

...Litsa Psarafti's book "The Dragon who ate the Sun" adds yet another shining literary diamond to her great (and well-known for its literary excellence) work."

Samiakos Typos Newspaper, 21/3/2005

"...through Litsa Psarafti's eloquent writing and Eliza Vavouri's magnificent multicoloured illustrations, children come to know, in a magical way, about astral phenomena."
Methorios tou Egeou Magazine, Issue 16, 2005

"...the author narrates the stories in the third person, however at the end of each tale she appears in the forefront, interpreting and explaining the truth that hides behind each story. In this way, she is trying to introduce children to a critical way of looking at the ancient myths since these generally attempt to explain (in an allegorical manner) most questions regarding our existence, the world's creation and many natural phenomena.

The result of the author's simple language and great imagination combined with Eliza Vavouri's lively illustrations - reminding us of Chinese art with its flying voracious dragons - is an exquisite piece of work of the highest quality. These three stories about the sky will certainly move each and every one of their readers, both young and old."

Apoplus Magazine, Issue 33-34, 2005


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