"The Cat that didn't Meow"
Metaichmio, 2003
Illustration: Eliza Vavouri
ISBN: 960-375-484-6

Little Mary loses her cat, Snow White, and is inconsolable. Her dad, a great biologist, wants to make her happy again and so decides to go to his laboratory and create a new "Snow White" for her.
The experiment will bring about an unexpected result and will thus approach one of our greatest moral and ethical issues of our time - the creation of life in scientific laboratories.

"The Cat that didn't Meow" touches on one of the greatest and most worrying modern-day issues: that of the creation of life in laboratories. It also talks sensitively and discretely about the pain of loss and of its acceptance - that we all experience loss (sometimes unexpected and often unbearable) and that it is one of the many parts of life which alongside it also has many happy and joyous moments to offer, moments filled with excitement and pleasure.

Finally, we should point out that we have as yet not read any other Greek children's book that has approached this subject and been of such high quality."

Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 14/11/2003

"This contemporary subject, written with enthusiasm and care, approaches on of the great moral and ethical questions of our time: the creation of life in scientific laboratories.

The admirably awarded author of children's literature, Litsa Psarafti, is in keeping with the current events and issues of our time by approaching an issue of major global importance with her story "The Cat that didn't Meow". The avalanche of the creation of life in scientific laboratories is visible and it is coming upon us with unpredictable and catastrophic consequences. The author has the courage to realistically look down the pathway of the future and see that it may be leading to a cliff. Young people and children will audience her view.

The illustrations of this story have been done by Eliza Vavouri. Her designs are filled with successfully-chosen colours, a natural movement and impeccable emotion. These along with Litsa Psarafti's crystal clear texts, speak straight to the heart of the children's psyche.

"The Cat that didn't Meow" by Litsa Psarafti is an ardent contemporarily structured story that bears witness to an author with an intimate knowledge of the children's psyche, while at the same time having a solid perspective of the educative aim of this story, which is to give pleasure and provide entertainment in the most ancient meaning of the term."
Ioannis G. Theocharis
Proinos Logos Newspaper, 7/3/2004

"This may be the only book for children written by a Greek author and available on the market at the moment that deals with the subject of cloning. The author approaches her subject with exceptional sensitivity and simple language while at the same time highlighting the moral dilemmas that arise from it."
Panselinos Newspaper, 29/6/2003

"A pioneering and tender book, with Eliza Vavouri's rich and colourful illustrations, that approaches one of the great ethical questions of our time: the creation of life in scientific laboratories. What author other than national award-winner Litsa Psarafti could make her readers, even the youngest ones at that, concerned about serious issues in such a pleasurable way?"
Avriani Newspaper, 22.6.2003

"A great moral issue of our time is approached by the well-known author in this richly and exquisitely illustrated book about the creation of life in scientific laboratories.

This book could very well result in a discussion in the home or the school of this burning and controversial subject which children may very well have heard talk of and would perhaps like to know more."

Diadromes Magazine, Issue 11-12, 2003

"Again Litsa Psarafti has made her literary presence known in her latest children's book, filled with rich illustrations by Eliza Vavouri. This is yet another spiritual creation by this leading literary creator who, despite addressing young children, generates interest for all ages with the messages that emerge in her work. It is a pioneering book, one of the few to have been published, which combine children's and youth literature with the contemporary problems faced by man and society.
In her latest literary work, Litsa Psarafti affirms her noted talent, her great sensitivity and love for children, as well as the enviable place that she so correctly holds in the world of children's literature."

Methorios Magazine, Issue 10, 2003


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