"Hercules "
Angyra, 1990
Illustration: Anna Mendrinou
ISBN: 960-234-020-7

This is about Hercules, the mythological hero everyone knows or has heard of. In this book you shall learn about Hercules as his nephew Iolaos knew him. He will tell us of his uncle's feats and deeds in his very own humorous way.

" Litsa Psarafti's "Hercules", a book for children aged 8 to 12 years old, is both coy and reserved in its expression at the same time - particularly in relation to the hero's impulses. It is, however, filled with many significant virtues: excellent humour, a strong and sturdy structure, and a language that is rich, resonant, vibrant and realistic.
Iolaos, Hercules' nephew and faithful companion, is great here as a narrator, winning the young reader's trust, being so human, likeable, clever and following the hero on his adventures.
Anna Mendrinou illustrates the myth with respect, care and inspiration. Her colours are bright and her figures glide gracefully in the beauty of the Greek morning light amongst the olive trees, the myrtles, the bays, and the deer. Here one is not frightened by the snakes, the dragons, nor the terrible vultures - all the illustrations emit an unapproachable refinement."

Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 13/6/1990


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