"Breaths and Whispers of the forest"
Patakis, 2000
Award: Winner of the 1st Prize of the Circle of the Greek Children's Book
ISBN: 960-378-805-8

Why are the birds in the forest dying? How was Cassandra saved from the mud? What is the strange object that the children saw in the clearing? Along with the children and the mystery that will unfold, the national forest and its trees, animals, birds and insects are all protagonists of this fabulous book. It is in this beautiful environment that a group of children spend their summer holidays. Once their adventures, the unexpected twists and turns, their many experiences and their holidays are over, the children come away from the forest much wiser, more sensitive and filled with hope and love for life.

"Children and the environment make up the crux of "Breaths and Whispers of the Forest". This is a work in which the author expresses her strong concerns regarding our natural environment, "our mother Earth", which is persistently being wounded, mangled and thus destroyed by man's thoughtless actions-for the purposes of fast and dark riches as well as extravagant and selfish consumerism. In addition, the novel eloquently tells of man's alienation and disassociation from nature.

...As in all of the author's writings, here we see that within this banquet of colours, sounds, aromas, and shapes, man is not alone and without company.
...To her readers, the author grants sublime descriptions, countless swift impressions, as well as examples and lessons regarding the consequences of nature: its justice and genius. Along with the children, we too spend time in this bright and much loved-yet forgotten by many-world. We become reacquainted with the flower's routines, the ants' preferences, the eagles' family devotion, and the warm-blooded valence of the deer.
With her flawless writing, her controlled but always prominent emotion, her clarity and knowledge, Litsa Psarafti succeeds in awakening the young reader's intense interest and respect for nature and life."
Eleni Sarantiti
Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 25/05/2001


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