"The Mystery of the Stone Beard"
Patakis, 1990
Award: Awarded by the Women's Literary Society
ISBN: 960-293-564-2

Can the message engraved on the statue's stone beard really be true? Will all of Great Pharaoh Ramses' terrible and ominous predictions really happen?

Rick and I met under very strange circumstances, but everything else that happened - from the moment that we heard of the mysterious inscription and decided to find it - was just as strange. We entered ruined temples, climbed down into underground tombs, we saw mummies and met ancient gods and pharaohs. We lived an unforgettable adventure and treasure its memory forever - "the mystery of the stone beard".

"This book is a charming contemporary novella with anthropological and cultural virtues, and is worthy of the award it has received from the Women's Literary Society.

It is well-researched and presented with care and aesthetic propriety. The characters-distinct and likeable-live in the present as well as in the redolent past, while the book's aesthetic whole is completed by "ειδέναι", humanity (in terms of freedom and dignity), and a constant respect for moral values.

This is a revelatory, complete, and utterly human testimony for children and youths of any and every age."

Proinos Logos Newspaper, 5/3/1991

"Litsa Psarafti, an expert in understanding and delineating the psychological realm of teens, provides a solution to this topic in her own personal way - How can young people approach the past and how can they learn about it? And, what can they learn about today's modern society by drawing from the past?

...The book is not only an enjoyable and tender adventure about two teens who meet far away from their countries, but it is also an observation and criticism of modern Egypt, of modern day life, and of the consequences of industrialisation. Subjects that stir young people today are luck, love, a sense of being carefree, unexpected events, modern day problems both on an individual and social scale, and ecological destruction which brings about the development of technology without any respect for the environment - all these, and many more, are approached by Litsa Psarafti.

What would be more beautiful than for someone to get to know a place full of archaeological treasures, just like the one described in "The Mystery of the Stone Beard"? And what would be more exciting than to get to know this place while at the same discovering that in the past wise prophesies of the future have been hidden- prophesies that are coming true in our day."

Apoplous Magazine, Issue 8, 1992


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