"The Kiss of Life"
Patakis, 2005
ISBN: 960-16-1501-6

When her widowed mother remarries, fourteen-year-old Ifigenia, hurt, rebelling and indignant at her stepfather's behaviour (he is abusing her), runs away from home and goes to Athens.
In the capital city, Iphigenia (a junior high-school student) wanders around homeless, hungry, frightened and only with her dog for company. Together, she and her dog roam the streets of Athens, sleeping on benches and eating the left-overs from fast-food joints.
Luck will soon cross the young girl's path when she meets kind and composed Danae, who will offer her shelter as well as give wayworn Iphigenia hope of a better life ahead. A sudden and tragic event, however, will make Iphigenia return home again. She will learn to understand, to forgive and to prepare herself for the joys that await her.

"...In "The Kiss of Life", Litsa Psarafti visits Iphigenia - a young girl who, humiliated, upset and distraught, follows the wrong path when she distances herself from her beloved ones to whom she could and should have opened her heart and turned to for help - with tenderness, affection and great care. The author also describes interesting yet tragic snapshots of the lives of homeless people, whose minds are filled with the remnants of another "world", and in which moments of love, caresses, tenderness and dreams, youthful hope and dignity, warmth and beauty - although faded - continue to exist. Finally, Psarafti's dialogues are swift and alive, the characters realistic, the language supple and warm, and the life of the rich regional town faithfully portrayed. Her Iphigenia is strong and lovable, so is her friend and rescuer, Danae. The character of the grandmother is also exceptional. The image on the cover of the book is truly vivid. This is an interesting new novel that awaits our youths."
Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 3//6/2005

"...A well-written novel with an interesting plot, an eloquent description of contemporary Greek reality and vivid characters that will capture its reader from the very first page - just as it happens in all of Psarafti's work.
Diadromes Magazine, Issue 19, 2005

...Through its pages, and in the author's well-known eloquence and style, the adventure of a fourteen-year-old Iphigenia's adventure unfolds.

The novel's protagonists' characters and behaviours are presented with strength and realism. The reader follows the events that take place and that Iphigenia experiences with unabated interest and concentration.

In this book, the profile of the modern-day family is completely wiped out as is, subsequently, that of our society as well, since they are both found guilty of their renunciation of their responsibilities and liabilities to the younger generation.
At the same time, the novel also gives adolescents and youths a message that they will be able to confront the instabilities of their familial and social environment through their own acceptance and understanding.

Litsa Psarafti's "The Kiss of Life" is an expression of love for children, adolescents and youths, a love that emerges from her entire literary work."

Ta Nea Psichikou, 4/11/2005


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