"The Angels of the Sky"
Patakis, 2001
Award: Awarded by the Women's Literary Society
ISBN: 960-378-902-X

The Olympic Games of 2004 are in danger of being cancelled by terrorists... Five thousand children have been disappearing from their homes under mysterious circumstances... At the Nobel Awards ceremony, a scientist wonders how his medallion with the two intertwined dolphins found itself hanging from a strange woman's neck...Someone is watching all that is happening on earth and is preparing a very daring plan.

This is a novel filled with much mystery, which continues on from the author's previous novel entitled "Breaths and Whispers of the Forest". The Angels of the Sky keep their secret well hidden and only reveal it in the final pages of this extraordinary book.

"...Litsa Psarafti's novel, through a group of children's incredible adventure in space, expresses global concerns and suggests that humankind's only salvation lies in the conscience of humanity and the cooperation between the different peoples of the world. One could, at a first glance, categorise this novel as a work of science fiction. It is...but it is not only that. Through its - certainly - carefully and - absolutely - well-written pages, many ideas and meanings are expressed (the author possesses the talent to use all the expressive means) that have to do with life, its duration and quality. These include the rule of law, companionship and courage, inventiveness and disobeyance, and trust and each and every man's affection for his homeland - the earth.

I have previously written of carefully written pages. I would like to add to this an unimaginably researched text that affords vast and specialist knowledge, while the larger part of the book, which is an adventure that takes place on a colony in space created by the galactic federation, retains the reader's unabated attention (who does not necessarily need to be young at that)."
Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 17/08/2001

"This is a remarkable book of pure science fiction. Unfolding in modern times, we can find many elements in this book that are related to the world of technology. It is a beautifully, correctly and elegantly written adventure story."
Diavazo Magazine, 1989

"This book, a combination between a mystery and a social novel that unfolds in an atmosphere of adventure, succeeds, through its flowing text, to capture its reader's attention whether he be young or old. Fantasy alternates with reality and everyday as well as global issues, described in a future environment, are transformed into issues of universal solidarity that are feasible in the present as well. The issues have to do with our era as well as the entire course of the earth's history since its creation, for example the Olympic idea, the destruction of nature, terrorism, people with special needs, and so on. The facts and information, placed with skill in interesting topographical descriptions, are rendered interesting and have an educational effect on their reader."
Yiannis Papadatos
I Leschi ton Ekpedefton Magazine, Issue 26, 2001

"...The Angels of the Sky is a novel filled with mystery and, following on from Litsa Psarafti's previous book, knows very well how to hold on to its secret until it divulges it in its final pages. It is a narrative written masterfully with liveliness, imagination, subtlety, and tenderness."
Rizospastis Newspaper, 10/6/2001


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