"Scent of the Summer"
Periplous, 2000
Award: Awarded by the Women's Literary Society
ISBN: 960-8151-16-3

How many people have Phaidra and Erik's luck? Both of them win the first prize in an international mathematics competition and they travel together to Thailand, Bali, China and Japan. Each day is filled with a new and unforgettable experience as the countries of the East have so much to offer their young travellers: adventures, encounters with mythical people, ancient cultures, strange customs and traditions. On this journey, the two children will also wander around the unfamiliar world of adolescence, and within these surroundings of mystery and magic, a tender, beautiful and powerful love will be born - as it always happens when people fall in love for the first time.

"That good books never grow old is well-known to everyone. However much time passes, they always seem to remain young.

... The popular author has the art and the skill to successfully travel her young reader along with her characters to faraway and fairytale countries: there where great cultures were born and prospered.

On this journey, the children also have the opportunity to wander around the unfamiliar world of adolescence, and within these surroundings of mystery and magic, a tender, innocent and passionate love will be born."

Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 15/12/2000

"...With great workmanship, the author combines tradition with contemporary reality while at the same time bringing to the surface knowledge her concerns regarding heated social problems such as slavery, peace and disarmament, the biomechanical side of life as well as technology and automation.

And while one would expect to get bored while reading about such broad topics, we are - on the other hand - charmed by the narrative and we feel as if we are travelling along with the young protagonists. A further element which makes this voyage - or more precisely this novel - interesting is the romantic element which is woven into these two young people's relationship. The author approaches it with absolute discreteness. Perhaps that is because our children's literature has yet to enter a period of maturity? Despite this, this is a novel which exudes a special sensitivity, much important information about the Far East, while harmoniously blending the element of the past with that of the present."
Diavazo Magazine, No. 158, 1/1/1987

"You don't need to be a young in order to enjoy this novel."
Kathimerini Newspaper, 19/2/1987

"Such an attempt requires skill and art, and Litsa Psarafti has proven that she possesses this skill. With swift, writing interesting and often poetry, with a view that is contemporary, critical, observant, and observant, she leads us to exotic lands as well as the exciting worlds of adolescence. This book, awarded by the Women's Literary Society, can truly be enjoyed by readers of all ages - from teens who will recognise their own selves, to adults who will remember their adolescence - which they might have forgotten-and of course any lover of travel."
Diadromes, No. 1, 2001


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