"In the Footsteps of the Samotherion"
Kastaniotis, 1993
Distinction: Awarded by the Women's Literary Society
ISBN: 960-03-0243-X

A group of children are spending their summer holidays, without a care in the world, on the island of Samos. Through the children's excursions and everyday adventures, the reader comes to learn about the ancient monuments and the mythology of the island, its villages and general make up, as well as its natural beauties.

On one of these excursions, the children will come across the Samotherion, a prehistoric animal which lived on the island over 50,000,000 years ago.

This meeting will be the beginning of a series of adventures that will bring the children face to face with a gang of smugglers of antiquities. The unexpected events that occur throughout the novel keep the reader hostage and the plot, which unfolds as a mystery, won't let her/him go until the very end, when s/he will know if the children managed to save the Samotherion and keep it on the island where it lived forever.

"Imagination, truth, adventure, prehistory.all these elements are intertwined and unfold as they keep the reader hostage.

...We would like to congratulate the admirable author for this original and beautiful tour, her narrative clarity and the satisfaction that are offered by the pages of her book."

Tatiana Stavrou, December 1981
(President of the Women's Literary Society)


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